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The Woma, Aspidites ramsayi, lives in the arid and semi-arid regions of Australia. It is found in red sand spinifex plains, rocky ridges, and open mulga woodlands. Once thought to be strictly terrestrial, researchers at the University of Queensland recently discovered this sand python will climb trees at night in pursuit of Bearded Dragons, Pogona vitticeps. Womas are powerful constrictors and will often use their coils to press their prey against the walls of a burrow or hollow log. They eat snakes, mammals and birds too. In captivity they will caudal lure with excitement in anticipation of food.

Womas live in some pretty inhospitable back country, but are remarkably adapted to their environment. Like most desert reptiles, it is nocturnal and shelters by day to avoid the sweltering sun. If necessary it take refuge by excavating a burrow. When moving across scorching sand it has the ability to raise parts of its body to minimize contact.

In some areas of their range, such as the Pilbara and the Barkly Tablelands, the Woma is sympatric with the Black-headed python,
Apidites melanocephalus

One of the most popular reptiles in herpetoculture, Womas are beautiful and easy to care for.

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