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The Blackheaded python, Aspidites melanocephalus, is one of Australia's iconic reptiles. Its shiny black head and neck give it a unique beauty unlike any python. These majestic reptiles inhabit a variety of habitats across the Top End of the continent, from wet tropical woodlands in the north to arid savannah in the south. Its diet consists primarily of skinks, monitors, and dragons, but they will also eat snakes and mammals. 

An adaptation to the Blackhead's fossorial existence is a single pit in the rostral that contains infrared thermoreceptors, which can detect prey. Unlike other pythons that possess rows of exposed pits in their labial scales, a single pit embedded in the rostral protects this sensitive organ.   

I keep Western Blackheads. They are gorgeous with high contrasting colors. One of my females has a unique 'bleached' appearance. Her ground color is a clean white, while her pattern is reduced, faded, and has light pink blushes at the edges of the bands. This is not a genetic trait. As a baby she was a normal looking western snake. For reasons unknown, at around 5 years of age her color/pattern changed. She is one of the stars of my collection, and her babies are pretty incredible too.

Breeding Blackheads is a rewarding challenge, but they can test your patience. This species taught me a lot about python husbandry.

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